Thursday, September 26, 2013

Smooth Away: Review

I am a sucker for As Seen On TV products.  I think it stems from when I used to watch the OxiClean infomercials like they were regular TV programs (don't hate...Billy Mays was awesome!).  I was amazed by how they could take seemingly destroyed fabrics and make them look like new.  This was intriguing to me because I am one of five kids and the youngest girl, so the majority of my clothes were hand me downs.  Don't get me wrong, I wasn't dressed in rags or anything, but here was a product that could make my clothes look brand spakin' new.

  ( RIP, Billy.  You were one epic dude. )

My point is, that when I stumbled upon the Smooth Away Hair Remover, sitting there, unopened in my Aunt's house, I had to try it.  If you are dark haired like me, you probably get a few unwanted hairs around your lips and maybe one or two on your chin.  I also tend to get these "side burn" type hairs as well.  In the past I have either waxed or used hair remover creams to manage this.  But here's the issue I have: 1. Waxing hurts in those spots!  Ouch!  2. The creams dry out those areas of my skin so it takes a day or two of heavy moisturizers to alleviate that issue.  So of course I saw an opportunity in this: a hair remover product that is "pain free" and makes your skin super smooth.

This is true, it was pain free and it did work to remove hair, but I will never use it again.  Ever.  Now you may be asking yourself "Well, why not use it again?  Seems like the perfect product to me!"  Yeah, except, not.  At least for me, anyway.  It left me with what I can only describe as "scaly" skin.  I'm talking felt like I was touching a crocodile type skin.   If I had been smart and read the reviews on Amazon before using this torture device, I am pretty sure I would have steered clear.  It appears more than half the people say it either doesn't work, or it basically gave them brush burns. 

( "Hey baby, how YOU doin'?" )

It took a week for it to recover.  The weird thing is, I do not have sensitive skin.  I have combination skin with my cheeks and T-zone being oily and my jaw line and chin being normal to dry, but never once has it been sensitive.  I moisturized like crazy.  I used my Clarisonic on the gentlest speed and slathered on my lotion every morning and evening to get rid of it.  It got better slowly until I used my regular weekly face mask and, voila, perfect.

Who knows, maybe I just had a weird reaction to it and it will work perfectly fine for you, but I figured I would put the warning out there that this product made me a reptile for a week.  Waxing, you are my new best friend.

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