Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lip Gloss: Swatches and Reviews

Recently, I saw a YouTube video that featured a particular lip gloss that caught my eye.  In the video, the girl used one of the Revlon Colorburst glosses in the color Bellini.  The name, in and of itself, makes me want to buy it because a Peach Bellini is a pretty fabulous drink (for those of us over 21), but also the color was a pinky nude without being TOO pale.  You really have to find the perfect shade in order to pull off a nude lip color without looking like you are dying and this color looked like it would do the trick when paired with some of my more natural lipsticks.  

(Vertical: Embellished, Horizontal: Bellini)

I'm a big fan of taking a neutral, "my lips but better", lipstick and changing the shade with a thin layer of gloss.  It really allows you to get a lot of wear out of your makeup without having to buy a lipstick in every shade, which, you may wear a few times, but then sits in your makeup drawer sucking up room.  I decided to give the Revlon glosses a try.  My biggest concern was whether they would be those "sticky" glosses you all know I hate.  There were mixed reviews on the blogs and YouTube about this issue so I decided to pick it up at Rite Aid which has a pretty stellar return policy for makeup.  

I wanted a few different colors, but sanity and my budget prevailed and I decided just to pick up the one color I had wanted.  I figured I should try it out before I jumped at the whole rack.  I gotta say, I am pleased with the results.  
 (I had to layer this pretty thick to make it show up on camera for you)

Bellini, like I mentioned earlier, is a great pinky nude which can lighten up your lip colors or just be the perfect gloss to layer over a nude lipstick.  This shade is also very flattering on its own as well.  Not too light.  

 (The top color is the lipstick alone, the bottom with Bellini.  From left to right: Rimmel Moisture Renew in 642 Nude Delight; Maybelline Color Whisper in 35 Coral Ambition; M.A.C. Cremesheen in A72 Creme Cup; M.A.C. Cremesheen in AB2 Fanfare; and Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor in Pink Champagne)

Of course I was jonesing for more so I decided to look for a darker shade to do the opposite effect to my regular lip colors.  For this, I opted for the shade Embellished which is from their Evening Opulence collection.  I believe it is limited edition so if you are interested in this shade, you may want to grab it quickly. 

 (So. Freaking. Pretty.)

This one I was less thrilled with for the simple reason that I find it difficult to blend with the applicator, which, if you are on the go, is rather annoying.  That's not enough to ship it back to the store though, since using your finger helps to smooth out the darker patches, and as long as you have a tissue or some other form of wipe, you should be fine. 

 (Same as before, lip color alone on top; with gloss below.  From left to right: M.A.C. Cremesheen in AB2 Fanfare; Bare Minerals 100% Natural Lipcolor in Pink Champagne; M.A.C. Cremesheen in AA2 Speak Louder; Revlon Lip Butter in 010 Raspberry Pie; and my all time favorite lipstick and the one I wore on my wedding day, M.A.C. Amplified in A62 Dubonnet)

I love the look of these with my lipsticks and can't wait to break out some I have been neglecting (Pink Champagne!).  These retail at Rite Aid for $7.49 which is pretty steep for drugstore, but it's much better than paying upwards of $20 for a M.A.C. one, and that's coming from a M.A.C. addict.  Let me know what you think here or on Facebook & Twitter.  

XO - Bekah

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